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In recent years children in Jefferson County and Colorado have been approached by sex offenders online. Some of these same children were sexually assaulted by these sex offenders.

Many parents of these children were shocked to find their child had been communicating with a sex offender.

Some parents might not feel this is an area of concern since their home does not have Internet access. We have cases where children have gone to their friends’ homes and communicated through their Internet access.

The Internet and our children is a growing problem in Colorado. Worried about myspace.com? How about ANYPLACE online? Any site is a concern where personal information is posted.

Mike and Cassandra Harris are Investigators who work on Crimes Against Children cases with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. This husband and wife investigation team is dedicated to protecting children. Since 1996, Mike and Cassandra have been active in their fight against sex offenders who prey on children through the Internet. They were the first in Colorado and one of the first in the United States to go after sex offenders on the Internet. Their efforts have resulted in over 700 sex offenders being arrested. They have presented internet and safety programs to children and parent groups over 3,000 times in Colorado, as well as throughout the Nation. They have been featured on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Court TV with Al Roker and ABC Evening News, to mention a few.

Mike and Cassandra have designed their Internet and Cell Phone Safety Presentations to target all ages. They have a program for kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th-5th grade, middle school, high school and adults.

• The kindergarten-3rd grade presentation is a program specifically designed for elementary school age children called Stranger Danger – Internet Strangers. The Unit has a mascot called “Cheezo,” who accompanies them to help captivate and spread their educational message to the young students. This program has been extremely successful and has drawn great reviews with a long lasting impression from the children who have seen the program. The Unit encourages parents to attend, so they can see this message and continue the dialogue after the presentation is over.
• The 4th-5th grade presentation focuses on online safety, social networking sites, and cell phone safety. Our number one rule is that if you do not know someone face-to-face then you shouldn't be sharing personal information or even talking to them.
• The middle school and high school presentation combines everything that the 4th-5th grade presentation has, the only difference is "sexting" is introduced at this level. Sexting is a widespread problem that the unit faces on a daily basis. The Unit has dealt with sexting cases as young as 5th grade. Because of this, it is important to educate children on the consequences of such an act.
• The adult presentation covers all the topics addressed in the previous presentations. The presentation also provides parents with helpful tips to keep their children safe online and on their cell phones.

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